Featured Videos: The ADA Impact on KU Faculty, Staff and Students

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), John Fackler talks about how the ADA affects his life, how things could be better and the positive impact of his motorized wheelchair on his ability to participate more fully and accomplish everyday activities.

Amber Norris discusses being a student with a disability and how accommodations have helped her in her academic career.

Mike Hoeflich discusses the ADA and his life on campus and in the Lawrence community.

Kelsey Shinnick talks about her high school and college life under the ADA and her hopes for the future of the ADA.

Susan Tabor shares her thoughts on growing up and working with a disability and the effect of the ADA on her life.

Shanna Groves, graduate student, talks about the ADA and hearing loss and assistive technology.

Jennifer Marcinkowski and her thoughts on the ADA from a student/employee perspective.

Alice Zhang compares life in the US under the ADA to life in China.

Mary Chappell perspectives on the ADA and improvements needed.

Alex O'Brien's perspectives on the ADA.



Hawk Route Informational Videos

The Hawk Route Rededication Ceremony

Hawk Route turn by turn

Looking for an accessible route between Sunnyside Drive and Jayhawk Boulevard? We've got you covered (literally in some areas) with the HAWKROUTE. Watch the following videos for turn by turn directions to help you navigate the HawkRoute.

This video features your fellow Jayhawks talking about their use of the HAWKROUTE

Play the audio only on your phone while you travel the HAWKROUTE

Hawk Route from Sunnyside to Jayhawk Audio  (mp3 file)

Sunnyside to Jayhawk document (docx)

Hawk Route from Jayhawk to Sunnyside Audio  (mp3 file)

Jayhawk to Sunnyside document (docx)



Past videos

Disability rights activist Judy Heumann shared her thoughts with the University of Kansas' Mentoring Circle for Disability Inclusion Pilot Program on March 26, 2019.

Introduction by Catherine E. Johnson, Director of the ADA Resource Center for Equity and Accessibility. Judy Heumann joined KU's Mentoring Circle for Disability Inclusion Pilot Program by zoom. Judy spoke about the state of disability activism and its movement into the future. The ACA-RCEA sponsored the conversation with Judy. Enjoy this recording of the entire presentation.

Embracing Inclusion and Innovation: A Conversation with Haben Girma

The video of the event is available here. A transcript is also available.

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