Accessible PowerPoint Presentations

Follow recommendations for general Word documents like alt tags, descriptive links, table headers, color contrast, and font recommendations. Specifically for Powerpoint Presentations do the following:

  • Use the slide layouts (Home > new slide or select the “new slide” button). These are already accessible and will ensure you include elements needed for screen readers to be able to navigate your slides properly.
  • Make sure each slide has a title and it is entered in the designated area. This will help the user know about the content of the slide and will also create a descriptive table of contents.
  • Don’t insert text boxes as they are not legible to a screen reader. Instead use the templates provided by the tool to create a text box for your slide.
  • If you have multiple elements (like images and text boxes), use the arrange tool to order elements so they make sense to the screen reader.

Watch this video for creating accessible Powerpoint presentations. 

Creating Accessible PowerPoints

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