Training Materials

The following training materials are produced by the Office of Accessibility and ADA Education as resources to assist departments in promoting an accessible work environment. If you need additional information about these materials or are interested in personalized training sessions, please contact our office by phone at 785-864-4946 or by email at

Training ItemDescriptionAudience
ADA Maintenance Guidelines for Facilities Services EmployeesProvides guidelines for maintaining accessible elements in KU's facilities to ensure compliance with 2010 ADA standards.Facilities Services Staff
ADA Training for Public Safety Officers (PDF)Provides an overview of how ADA interacts with law enforcement procedures and decisions.Public Safety Staff
ADA Training for Supervisors (Powerpoint)Provides information for supervisors on how ADA interacts with personnel-related decisions.Managers and Supervisors
Impact of the ADA (PDF)Changing Perspectives and Opening Doors: The Impact of the ADA on the lives of individuals with disabilitiesEveryone

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