Accessible Email

  • Use accessible language – put things as simply as possible and use bullets when possible (even in our academic environment!)
  • Provide alt-tags for the images (unless they’re just decorative).  The alt-text should follow the guidelines on the WebAim website
  • If  using a full page image (which you should avoid), either use very detailed alt text to convey the meaning of the image or provide a link at the bottom of the email to a website with an alternate version of the email.
  • Use headings and styles properly.
  • Don't use tables if possible unless it is for formatting data. If you do use tables, use appropriate HTML markup for the table elements.
  • Don't use only color to emphasize something or indicate meaning.
  • Provide sufficient color contrast.
  • Avoid patterned backgrounds.Make sure any documents you attach to the email are also accessible.

Report Barriers