Reporting Accessibility Barriers

We strive to keep on top of barriers to accessibility but input from community members like you is essential to help us know what issues need to be addressed.

Physical Barriers

If you notice or experience a physical accessibility barrier on campus, report it to  You could alternately report that by calling the ADA RCEA at 785-864-7416.

Some examples of physical barriers to report include:

  • A sidewalk area that needs a curb cut
  • Accessible doors closing too quickly or failing to operate
  • Elevator out of order

Technology Barriers

We are committed to providing technology resources that meet the educational and working needs of all KU employees and students. If any of the tools or websites you encounter are inaccessible, we want to hear about it to address the problem.  Please email or call 785-864-7416 to report technology accessibility issues or with comments or suggestions to help us improve.

Some examples of technology barriers to report include:

  • Inaccessible software
  • Inaccessible websites

Event Barriers and Accommodations

Requests for assistance with seating or other accommodations for KU events or requests for sign language or CART services can be requested by submitting a ticket

Other Barriers

Please contact one of the following


Phone: 785-864-4946


Report Barriers