Employment Accommodations Policy - KU prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in all aspects of employment related activities.

Workplace Accommodations Procedure - Articulates the procedures for a workplace accommodation. Full documentation of the procedure in the PDF document at this link.


Family and Medical Leave Act - The FMLA allows employees to take paid and unpaid leave for certain family and medical reasons.

Shared leave  - This program allows employees to donate unused sick or vacation leave to another employee who is out of leave time. 

Graduate Student Leave of Absence - Guidelines for Graduate students leave of absense


Animals in Buildings - The conditions under which Animals are allowed in buildings.

Event Accessibility and Accommodation Policy - Outlines the requirements for making events on campus accessible to participants with disabilities. 

Inclement Weather Priority Plan (Word)- Description of the priority for snow and ice removal. 

Transition Plan -  Details of the ongoing plan to increase accessibility to KU buildings and facilities.

Form Links

Shared Leave (PDF)

Workplace Accommodation

Confidential Reasonable Accommodation Medical Form (Word)


Language to include in the RFP

Report Barriers