In order to add accessible captions to your video, you'll need to have an accurate transcript of the program.  With a transcript, timing information is added to create a caption file.  While creating a transcript is often time consuming and error-prone for people who aren’t transcriptionists, there are some different options available to KU content creators to assist in making accessible multimedia.

  • If you don’t have a transcript for your video, consider making one. If the video is not terribly long, can you create it yourself? If not could you possibly use a Teaching Assistant or student worker to create it for you? Remember the transcript itself can be an excellent resource to share with your students.
  • Remember you can always use one of the approved vendors if you have the funds to pay for a professional to create the transcript.
  • Once you have a transcript of the video, contact the Media Production Studio at or 864-6452, and they can assist with syncing the transcript to your video to create the captioning required.

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