Accessible Scanned Documents

Many times you will want to scan an article, picture, or chapter from a book to use in course materials. If you are planning to do this, it is important that you use a scanner that has OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability. One great and easy way to ensure you have scanned a document in an accessible way is to use one of the Book Eye scanners located in the following Libraries:  Watson, Anschutz,  Music and Dance, and  Art & Architecture. These scanners are easy to use and you can email your scanned document to yourself or load it on a flash drive (a better idea for particularly large documents). Make sure when you are creating your scanned document that you choose the 300 dpi  (or higher resolution) setting. The KU Library website has more information on Book Eye Scanner and if you have any questions while you are using it, the service desk staff will be glad to help you.

Other scanners that have OCR capability will also create an accessible document. The Multi-Functioning Devices found around campus have limited OCR capabilities in that you can only scan a small number of pages but that might be ideal depending on your scanning needs.

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