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The Hawk Route is the accessible route to travel through campus from Sunnyside Av. To Jayhawk Blvd. 

Please Note: The east elevator in Budig Hall is currently out of service for modernizations. The elevator is expected to be back in service on November 20th. Until that time, please look for the temporary signs redirecting you to the west elevator. 

Hawk Route Map (PDF)

Audio Descriptions for navigating the Hawk Route both directions

Hawk Route from Sunnyside to Jayhawk Audio  (mp3 file)

Hawk Route from Jayhawk to Sunnyside Audio  (mp3 file)

Text-only versions of the description of the Hawk Route in both directions 

Sunnyside to Jayhawk document (docx)

Jayhawk to Sunnyside document (docx)

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