Planning Accessible Events

When hosting public events, conferences, and meetings, it is required by the law to have them be accessible. Creating accessible events has been shown to improve the experience, not just for those with disabilities, but for everybody.

Pre-event Planning

The following are things to keep in mind while planning for official KU meetings, conferences, and events.

Review our Best Practices for Planning an Accessible Events Guide

Event Announcements

All event announcements (online or print) for University-sponsored events should include a statement of sufficient size and distinction informing the public of how to request accommodations for the event.

The statement should be placed prominently on the bottom of the material and include the following details:

  • Event organizer’s name, email, phone, and TTY numbers
  • Deadline for submitting the request (the department can request advance notice of up to 14 days)

You can use the following example statement as a template for your announcements:

If you are in need of an accommodation due to a disability, please submit your request at least [NUMBER OF DAYS] in advance of the event to [NAME OF EVENT COORDINATOR]. Email: [EMAIL ADDRESS OF EVENT COORDINATOR]. Phone: [PHONE NUMBER OF EVENT COORDINATOR]. TTY: 711.

Selecting an Event Space

When selecting a location on campus to hold your event, you should be mindful of the physical accessibility of the building, event space, and restrooms. Ensure that elevators are functioning and wheelchair ramps are unobstructed. Review the interactive Accessibility Map to locate accessible entrances to KU’s buildings.

Holding your event in a location with access to accessible parking should also be considered. Visit Accessible Parking for more information about accessible parking options available on campus.

Fulfilling Accommodation Requests

The following resources are provided to help you fulfill requests for accommodations that may be made for your event.

Sign Language

Sign language interpreter arrangements should be made at least five days in advance of the event, if possible. Services can be arranged through KU’s Academic Achievement and Access Center (AAAC) with sufficient notice. Complete the AAAC Interpreter Request Form .

If you are in need of last minute interpreter services (less than five days prior to your event), please contact AAAC directly at 785-864-4064 for recommendations and assistance with making arrangements.

Please visit Interpreter Services  for more information about sign language event support provided through AAAC.

Computer Assisted Real-time Transcription (CART)

CART is the instant translation of the spoken word into text, also known as real time captioning. The text produces a transcript and can be projected during your event.

CART services are provided through an outside vendor. Pricing and contact information for CART vendors is available in KUPPS, KU’s procurement system. To find CART vendors in KUPPS:

  1. Log-in to KUPPS
  2. Select "Contracts"
  3. Conduct a keyword search using the phrase "Captioning”

If you do not have a KUPPS account or need additional assistance navigating the system, please contact Procurement Services at 785-864-5800.

Captioned Videos

Subtitles and closed captions open up your videos to a larger audience. Captioning can be performed by an outside vendor. Pricing and contact information for these vendors is available in KUPPS, KU’s procurement system.

To find captioning vendors in KUPPS:

  1. Log-in to KUPPS 
  2. Select "Contracts"
  3. Conduct a keyword search using the phrase "Captioning”

If you do not have a KUPPS account or need additional assistance navigating the system, please contact Procurement Services  at 785-864-5800.

Alternative Print

Event organizers are responsible for ensuring that all materials for the event can be converted to an alternate format upon request, such as large print or Braille.

Large Print

Text in Word Documents can easily be converted to larger print.  For Microsoft Windows documents, press CTRL+A to select all text in the document. Change the font size to 16 point or larger. 18 point font is best.


Braille is a series of raised dots that can be read by the visually impaired.  Independence Inc.  can convert your event materials to Braille. The translation and printing process may take up to two weeks depending on the complexity of your materials. Please contact them by email at for more information and pricing.

Other Services

If you have any additional questions about fulfilling requests, or if a resource requested is not listed above, please feel free to contact our office by email at or by phone at 785-864-4946.

Event Setup

The following should be kept in mind as you setup for your event:


Reserve accessible seating that is wheelchair friendly, free of obstructions, and void of ambient noise interference. If sign language or CART services have been requested, ensure you reserve seats near the interpreter or live caption display.


Since it is impossible to assume the needs of all your participants, be sure to consider access to the podium and the stage since it may be required for participants with disabilities to access these areas.


Check that the elevators are in working order the day before the event.


Ensure that the nearest accessible restrooms are unlocked and unobstructed.

Additional Information

For more information about planning for and conducting accessible business meetings, please contact Human Resource Management by email at or by phone at 785-864-4946.

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