Architectural Accessibility and Inclusion Committee

In 1995, the University of Kansas (KU) established the Architectural Barriers Committee (ABC) for the primary purpose of providing architectural accessibility expertise and guidance on new construction and renovated facilities. 

In 2016, the ABC reconvened as the Architectural Accessibility and Inclusion Committee (AAIC), expanding their focus beyond architectural accessibility concerns to include campus efforts that enhance inclusion.  On July 25, 2017, the AAIC adopted a broader mission statement to encompass the Committee’s new focus.   

Mission Statement  

The KU Architectural Accessibility & Inclusion Committee serves in an advisory capacity to foster and strengthen an inclusive and accessible climate for individuals with disabilities by:

  • Providing architectural accessibility guidance on new construction, facility renovations, repair, restoration, and maintenance projects;
  • Managing KU’s Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan  in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act;
  • Incorporating Universal Accessibility design concepts into KU’s Design Standards;
  • Identifying policies, practices, procedures, resources, and engagement which enhance opportunities for individuals with disabilities to fully participate in all aspects of campus life;
  • Providing input and guidance related to any other inclusion or non-discrimination initiative or issue that might arise at the University of Kansas.​


The committee includes ex officio members, representatives of specified university offices,faculty, staff, and students. It is expected that a wide range of disabilities will be represented by the faculty, staff, and student members of the committee. Ex officio members serve as long as they remain in their positions. Other representatives serve one-year terms and may be reappointed. All members have voting privileges. The committee meets quarterly.

Individuals serving in the following roles constitute the committee membership:

  • Chair: Director, ADA Resource Center for Equity and Accessibility and ADA Education (ex officio)
  • Assistant to the Chair: Project Manager for ADA Quality Compliance, Design and Construction Management (ex officio)
  • Director, Parking and Transit (ex officio)
  • Assistant Vice Provost, Capital Planning and Space Management (ex officio)
  • KU Fire Marshall (ex officio)
  • Representative from the Academic Achievement and Access Center
  • Representative from Human Resource Management
  • Representative from Student Housing
  • Representative from the KU Memorial Unions
  • Representative from Athletics
  • At least one member of the faculty with a disability
  • At least one member of the university staff with a disability
  • Students with a disability
  • At least one member of the local community with a disability

Additional Information

For more information about the Architectural Accessibility and Inclusion Committee, please contact our office by email at or by phone at 785-864-4946.

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